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Car Care Tips

Top Tips From Tate Boys

Car Care Tips in Bartlesville, OK

As our name might suggest, at Tate Boys Tire & Service, we do tires and we do car service, but that’s not all we do. We also genuinely care about you, our customer, and your safety when you’re on the road.

This is why we want to help you understand a little more about car maintenance – how to get the best gas mileage and why and how your tires wear, for example.

So we’ve compiled this list of top tips, which we hope you find useful. And remember, if you live in the Broken Arrow, Owasso or Tulsa areas and you’re looking for tires, car repair or a full auto service, come to Tate Boys & Service. Now that’s a top tip!

Tire Care and Maintenance

  • Check tire pressure about once a week. Low tire inflation levels decrease tire longevity and can even be dangerous. Proper inflation levels can maximize the life of your tires, increase fuel efficiency, and increase handling. Remember your spare, too!
  • Rotate your tires every 6 months, or 5,000 miles. Regular tire rotation is important because your front and rear tires wear at different rates due to different stresses. Rotation prevents uneven tire wear, allowing you to enjoy all your tires for longer.
  • Check your wheel alignment regularly. A vehicle that is out of alignment causes abnormal tire wear and may drift to the left or right while you're driving.
  • Try a tire tread trick that makes cents! Put a penny into one of the grooves on your tire. If part of Abe Lincoln’s head is covered, you’re good to go. If you can see all of his head, it’s time to replace your tires!

Car Care and Maintenance

  • Change your fluids (oil, anti-freeze, brake fluid, and transmission fluid) on time, every time. Every automotive fluid plays an important role in keeping your vehicle running correctly. See your owner's manual for recommended fluid types and viscosity levels.
  • Check your moving components as often as you change your oil. They need proper lubrication. Your driveline components, like the CV and u-joints for example, can break down if not properly lubricated and cause major components to malfunction, too.
  • Keep an eye on your climate control system. A complete flush and fill of the coolant rids the system of contaminants. It's also recommended that you check your refrigerant before warmer seasons start.
  • Replace your air filter annually (or after 12,000 miles), and your fuel filter every two years (or after 24,000 miles).
  • Remember your automotive battery's lifespan. Keep all battery connections tight and clean. Keep in mind that batteries have a reputation for failing without warning and for dying in cold temperatures. Get replacement batteries as needed.

How to Save Gas

  • An amazing 147 million gallons of gas are lost to evaporation every year!! Make sure you tighten your gas cap, and park in the shade where possible.
  • Check and change your air filter annually.

Forewarned is forearmed, so call Tate Boys now at (918) 336-7330 to book a maintenance check for your vehicle.

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