Expert Brake Repair at Tate Boys Tire & Service in Skiatook

The brakes on your vehicle are a marvelous work of engineering and require special attention from expert mechanics. Our crew at Tate Boys Tire & Service in Skiatook have the expertise and skills to keep your brakes in check and you safe on the roads. You can trust our ASE-certified technicians to handle all of your brake repairs and brake services.

Understanding Your Vehicle’s Braking Components

The braking system on your vehicle is a wonder of both mechanics and physics and is composed of many different elements. The main components of your brakes are:

  • Brake pads
  • Brake rotors (sometimes brake drums)
  • Brake calipers
  • Brake shoes (for drum systems only)
  • Brake lines and hoses
  • Wheel cylinders
  • A master cylinder
  • A power brake booster
  • Parking brake cables

Since your brake system has many components, it is important to have a brake shop keep a close eye on the condition of your brakes in order to ensure that they are operating correctly.

How the Brake System Works

When you press on the brake pedal, a series of actions takes place in rapid sequence to bring your car to a quick and smooth stop. As soon as you engage your brakes, a lever forces the brake fluid through your brake lines into the brake calipers in each wheel. The brake fluid creates hydraulic pressure in your brake calipers to squeeze the brake pads against the brake rotors and create a high amount of friction. Once this friction begins to build, the momentum of your wheels starts to lessen, and your car begins to slow down. Eventually, the momentum stops, and your vehicle ceases to move.

Since the action it takes to stop your vehicle requires a hefty amount of strain on the braking system, your brakes will need to be checked by a brake shop periodically to ensure proper functionality.

Signs that Something May Be Wrong

Having a brake shop keep your brakes in excellent condition is an important part of your vehicle’s maintenance and should be consistently attended to. Some of the signs you need brake service or brake repair are:

  • Loud noises like grinding or squealing
  • Brakes skipping or sputtering
  • Ineffective brakes
  • Brakes hesitating
  • Pulling to one side when braking
  • A burning smell
  • Your brakes fail to engage or seize up
  • You ABS brake light is on

Your brakes are designed to endure massive amounts of strain as they operate but will need regular brake service in order to function correctly. Our Skiatook auto shop can help keep your brakes operating correctly and working just as they should.

Bring Your Brakes to the Best

Whether you know something is not functioning correctly, or you just need to have your regular brake service performed, our team of ASE-certified technicians have the skills and tools to keep up with all of your braking system needs. Request a quote today and let our team at Tate Boys Tire & Service in Skiatook perform all of your brake services.

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