Radiator Repair in Tulsa, OK

Coolant (also known as antifreeze or radiator fluid) prevents cars from overheating by keeping engine temperatures stable, as well as lubricating the water pump. It is recommended that you change your engine coolant every 24 months or whenever your manufacturer recommends it. It is important to your vehicle’s cooling system’s health and helps to prolong your engine’s life.

What’s Included In Our Cooling System Service 

Maintain your vehicle with a cooling system service. The service includes:

  • An inspection of the cooling system
  • A pressure test for leaks
  • Removal of old coolant
  • A re-fill with correct amount of anti-freeze
  • Special chemical flush and fluids available at additional cost

Signs That You Need A Cooling System Service

  • Your vehicle overheats
  • The temperature gauge reads higher or lower than normal
  • Your heater does not work
  • The engine runs poorly or uses excess fuel

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