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Car Battery Services 

Your car’s battery is arguably one of the most important components of your entire vehicle. Without a working battery, you can be left stranded or worse. As you know, this service is critical and Tate Boys offers a variety of expert car replacement and maintenance services for your auto battery including:

  • Battery checks – Our ASE-certified technicians perform this service completely free of charge. During a battery check, our technicians will measure the battery output to see if they are in line with your battery manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Battery maintenance – The extreme weather we experience here in Oklahoma can do a number on your battery. To keep it running at its best, we will check and clean the battery terminals, check the battery cables, and apply a dielectric gel as a protection against corrosion.
  • Battery replacement – When your battery will no longer hold a charge and requires replacement, we’ll remove and properly dispose of the old battery and then install a new battery that’s perfectly matched to your vehicle’s specifications.

Expert battery service and repairs performed quickly to get you in and out and back on the road as quickly as possible—it’s what we do at Tate Boys. 

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Different Reasons That Car Batteries Get Drained

Over time, your vehicle’s battery will gradually lose its ability to hold a charge. Typically, a battery will last around three or four years but there are a few conditions that can cause car batteries to have shorter lifespans.

The three biggest culprits that can contribute to how fast your car battery drains include:

  • Extreme temperatures – An excessively cold or hot climate can put extra stress on a battery and cause it to drain faster. The cold winters and hot summers we get here in Tulsa can be a major contributing factor to battery drains.
  • Leaving lights on – When you turn off your vehicle, the alternator is no longer charging the car battery. If you happen to leave your lights on, then the only power source is the battery itself, which can significantly drain the battery.
  • Leaving vehicle accessories plugged in – Anything that’s still drawing power after the vehicle is turned off will drain the battery. This can include vehicle accessories like cell phone chargers and even internal systems such as your car’s bluetooth. 

Simply remembering to turn off all your vehicle’s lights and unplugging your accessories can help your car battery last as long as possible. When you can’t pinpoint the source, our technicians can run a full diagnostic to find the source for anything drawing power after your vehicle is turned off. 

Preventative maintenance items such as cleaning the terminals, replacing battery washers, and applying dielectric gel will also help protect your battery and give you the longest life possible. 

Understanding What Your Car Battery Does

As the power center for your vehicle, your car battery is undeniably an integral part to your vehicle running at its best. Most car batteries utilize a chemical reaction that presents itself between lead and acid in order to function. 

You’ll most likely see three letters when researching car battery replacements – S, L, and I. These stand for starting, lighting, and ignition and describe the basic functions of a standard battery. The battery provides the power necessary to start the car, powers the headlights, interior lights, and accessory ports, as well as powers the engine. 

Hearing a Clicking Noise When You Try to Start Your Car

Your vehicle has a starter, which is a tiny electric motor with a small bit of solenoid attached to it. The solenoid acts as a connection between your battery and the starter, allowing energy to flow freely. To get the starter going, your battery needs a bit of charge to send to it. Once your battery has been drained by factors like the weather, leaving lights on, or leaving your cell phone charge plugged in, it may not have enough charge to send to the starter. Hearing a clicking noise when you turn the key and nothing happens or your car is struggling to turn over are both telltale signs that your battery lacks sufficient power to send to the starter. 

If your car is starting to experience issues with the battery, go ahead and bring in your vehicle to your nearest Tate Boys location for a free battery check. We’ll check the charge on the battery and can recommend when it’s time to get a replacement.

Best Car Batteries for Tulsa, OK

Tulsa gets some pretty extreme temperature swings, which is why a high-quality battery that’s well maintained is your best bet for keeping your car powered through even the toughest seasons. Our ASE-certified technicians can recommend the perfect-sized battery for your vehicle and perform expert car battery installations to make sure everything is hooked up correctly. 

Signs to Watch for That Can Mean Your Battery is Failing

Often, batteries fail completely and unexpectedly. You may have accidentally left an interior light on and then the next day go to start your vehicle and find you’ve got a dead battery. There are, however, some signs that can help you spot a failing battery before it dies completely. 

  • Trouble turning over – When you try to start your car and it has difficulty starting, this can be a telltale sign your battery doesn’t have the necessary charge to send to your starter. 
  • Needing a jump start – If you’re ever unable to start your car and need a jumpstart via jumper cables or a portable jump starter pack, there’s definitely an issue with your battery that needs to be addressed. An occasional jump may be weather-related and not require a battery replacement, however, it’s always a good idea to get it checked out to assure that you won’t end up stranded.
  • Dim lights – You may notice that your headlights or interior lights are unusually dim, which can point to your battery being drained.
  • Excessive battery corrosion – Lifting the hood and seeing a green or white powdery substance on your battery terminal is a sign of corrosion. Our technicians can clean your battery terminals and other components and apply a dielectric gel to prevent corrosion which can decrease your battery’s performance.

Trouble with your car’s battery shouldn’t be ignored. It’s far safer to go ahead and get your battery checked out to see if it’s still holding enough charge to power all of the vehicle’s critical components. If you’re having issues, find your nearest Tate Boys auto shop and bring your vehicle in for a free battery check. 

Getting the Best Price on Battery Service

To get the best deal on your battery service or new battery installation, be sure to check out our coupons page for the latest specials we have. Throughout the year, we offer many different promotions, rebates, and other deals that can really help you save money on your next visit, so be sure to check this page often.

Taking Advantage of Tate Boys Free Concierge Service

We understand that everyone has a busy enough day as it is and a trip to have your car battery checked out just adds to the list. To save our customers time, we provide courtesy transportation while your vehicle is being serviced. Simply speak to a Tate Boys associate about this available service next time your vehicle requires maintenance or repairs.

Find Your Nearest Tate Boys Service Center

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Almost every battery around today is not meant to be opened up and have water added, like you may remember doing with older batteries. With a potent lead and acid chemical reaction occurring within today’s batteries, trying to open up your car’s battery can expose you to some pretty harsh compounds that you definitely shouldn’t be touching.

Battery failures occur due to a number of different factors. The three most likely contributing factors to premature battery drainage include extreme temperatures, leaving lights on, or leaving accessories plugged in. You can help get the greatest life possible out of your battery by remembering to turn off lights and unplug accessories, as well as having your battery regularly checked and maintained by an experienced ASE-certified mechanic.

Car batteries differ in their cost based on their size and performance level. You’ll notice different batteries are rated for more extreme temperatures as well as having different Battery Council International (BCI) group sizes. Batteries also come with different warranty periods, which can affect their pricing. Our technicians can recommend the best battery for your vehicle based on your manufacturer’s specifications and your individual driving habits.

Our certified professional mechanics can typically complete an entire battery installation in 30 minutes or less.

There are a few signs that you’re overdue for a new car battery. These include:

  • A lit “battery warning” or “check engine” light
  • Low battery fluid levels
  • Slower engine cranking than normal
  • A bloated battery case
  • Battery leaks (indicated by the presence of corrosion)

If you think your car battery is nearing the end of its lifespan or you notice any of the above signs, visit Tate Boys for a car battery replacement ASAP. However, if your battery is only a few years old and seems to be in good shape, you should be able to keep using it for a while. To extend your battery’s lifespan, make an effort to:

  • Turn off your lights when parked
  • Clean battery terminals on a regular basis
  • Avoid idling your vehicle for extended periods
  • Do not use electronics while your car is off

If your car battery isn’t holding a charge like it once did, you’ll want to figure out why as soon as possible. Some of the most common causes of car battery drainage include:

  • Normal aging. In a best-case scenario, your car battery will be able to function like new for about five years. However, that might not be the case for your battery. Everyday wear and tear can affect your battery’s performance after two or three years.
  • Electricity use. Some cars (especially older vehicles) have headlights that don’t turn off automatically. If you have headlights like that, be sure to turn them off when you’re done driving. Otherwise, they could drain your battery before you know it. Your car’s interior lights could also play a role in draining the battery.
  • Alternator issues. The alternator is designed to send power to the battery while you drive. But if your alternator is having problems, it won’t be able to perform this task correctly. You might have trouble starting your car as a result, even if it had been running just fine a few minutes before.
  • Driving habits. The process of starting a vehicle uses a lot of power, so the battery needs to be charged by the alternator while driving. But if you take short trips very frequently, your battery might not have the chance to fully recharge.
  • Local weather conditions. Oklahoma’s hot summers can do a number on your battery’s lifespan. The newer a battery is, the more effective it will be at dealing with extreme temperatures.

You can try jump starting your car battery if you think your battery still has a few years of life left in it.

Of course, this cannot reverse normal aging. When your battery is past its prime, visit your nearest Tulsa auto repair shop for a replacement. Our team of expert mechanics will diagnose your car battery issue and help you get back on the road.

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