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Tate Boys Tire & Service is the best place to go if you live in or around Tulsa, OK and need new tires or tire service. We’ve been working hard to meet people’s tire-related needs in NE Oklahoma since 1988. The Tate Boys team would be happy to help you find your next set of tires!

Why is it Important to Buy Tires?

No matter how carefully you drive in Tulsa, your tires will wear out at some point. Although regular tire inspection and service can extend the life of your tires, you’ll need to replace them after about a decade. There’s also the possibility of severe tire damage, which could substantially alter your replacement timeline. Regardless of when or why you need new tires, Tate Boys have high-quality new tires that will meet your needs!

When to Buy New Tires

Looking at your car’s tires now and then can help you catch potential warning signs before they become a full-blown crisis. Specifically, you should be wary of the following red flags:

  • Cupping/scalloping. This is primarily due to a suspension system that’s seen better days. When your car bounces unevenly due to worn-out struts or shocks, it causes abnormal pressure scallops in your tires.
  • Bulging or cracking. Your tires’ inflation levels matter for several reasons, one of which is how your tires react when they hit a curb or pothole. If you don’t have enough air in your tires or don’t use a tire protectant, they may crack or bulge.
  • Feathering. Incorrect alignment settings can cause this tire issue. “Feathering” refers to a problem in which your tire tread’s raised section is sharp on one side and smooth on the other.

If you spot any of these issues, your best bet is to request a repair quote from your nearest Tate Boys tire shop.

Choose Tulsa’s Best Tire Store for New Tires

Any type of tire service or replacement will require a certain level of financial investment on your part. With that in mind, you should do your research beforehand. After all, choosing the wrong Tulsa-area tire store could have real consequences for your vehicle’s well-being in the short- and long-term.

Some factors to consider when searching for a reliable NE Oklahoma tire shop include:

  • Qualified workers. ASE certification is the “gold star” for all auto mechanics. Before scheduling a tire appointment, ensure the shop you’re working with employs technicians who have achieved this status.
  • A solid local reputation. A newly opened tire store may be as trustworthy as a more established business. The problem is that it’s simply more difficult to tell what level of service they offer if they haven’t had time to establish a reputation in the area.
  • More than just tire services. Even if you’re only looking for tire services right now, that won’t be the only thing your vehicle needs in the future. Choose a full-service auto and tire shop now to save time in the long run.

In this part of Oklahoma, Tate Boys Tire & Service is the one business that offers all three of these perks and more. If your car needs flat tire repair, installation, or anything else, get in touch with our crew ASAP!

Other Tulsa Tire Shop Services

While it’s easy to worry that you must replace your tires as soon as something goes wrong, this isn’t always the case. Instead, there’s a good chance that you only need one or more tire maintenance services from a Tulsa tire shop. The team at Tate Boys can assist you with:

Tire Rotation

You might assume your car’s tires wear out at the same rate, but this is not entirely true. Tires can wear differently depending on where they are on your vehicle. You can avoid these issues by rotating your tires—this service involves taking your current tires and placing them in different positions, allowing them to wear out evenly.

Tire Balancing

Your vehicle is designed to rest on four tires of equal weight. If one or more tires are out of balance, it can severely impact your car, causing problems such as unusual vibrations, uneven tire wear, and reduced fuel efficiency. Tire balancing involves putting small weights on your tires to bring them back into balance.

Tire Alignment

In addition to the issues described above, your wheels may move out of alignment over time, which can cause abnormal tire wear, difficulties centering your steering wheel, and other problems. If you think you might need a tire alignment, we can check your tires and suspension system and make any necessary adjustments.

Tire Repair

These services can significantly improve your tires’ well-being, but relatively small adjustments may not be enough to resolve more serious problems. Let us know if you need tire repair, whether you have a flat tire or other types of tire damage.

Get the Best Tire Deals Around

We get it—tire repair and replacement can be expensive. While this is true, regardless of your situation, it’s especially unpleasant when you had no idea you needed tire service until things got out of hand.

While the tire shop team at Tate Boys can’t eliminate your need for tire repair or replacement, we can help you save as much money as possible on tire services. Explore our robust selection of online coupons, and look at our financing options for even more support!

Tulsa Tire Shop FAQs

How can I make my tires last longer?

Staying on top of preventative maintenance tasks for your tires is your best bet for a long and happy life with them. At least monthly, take a quick measurement of each tire’s tire pressure to make sure it falls within your manufacturer’s specifications. You can usually find the appropriate tire pressure printed on a yellow placard in the driver’s side door jamb or within your owner’s manual. It’s also a good idea to get your tires rotated regularly—generally every 5,000 miles or with each oil change. Ignoring issues like a bumpy ride or your tires pulling to one side can result in premature treadwear and can lessen your tire’s lifespan. If you notice something is not quite right, bring in your vehicle to our tire shop to have your tires checked and serviced.

What do the numbers on my tire mean?

The numbers on your tires indicate the tire size, the type of tire, and what the tire is rated for. Let’s look at an example – P215/65R15. The first letter, “P”, is an indication this is for passenger tires. Next, the “215” is a measurement of the width of your tires. After the slash, the “65” is your aspect ratio. This number means your tire’s profile is 65% of your tire’s width. After that, the “R” indicates the tire is a radial construction. Finally, the “15” refers to the wheel size that is made to fit the tire. With your width, profile, wheel size, and desired type, you can browse Tate Boys’ full selection of tires made to fit your vehicle perfectly.

Can I replace one tire at a time?

Assuming your other tires are in good condition, you might be able to replace a single tire on your vehicle. However, if your car has all-wheel drive, you may want to consider replacing all four tires at once. As always, the experts at Tate Boys will be able to provide any assistance you need.

What should I ask when buying tires?

Tires are both a considerable expense and a critical factor in your vehicle’s overall performance. Because of that, you should know exactly what you’re getting into when buying new tires — and that means you’ll want to do some research before finalizing this purchase.

No one knows more about tires than the people working at trustworthy tire stores in the area. When you visit a tire shop in Tulsa, OK to buy new tires, ask the staff members working there questions such as:

  • What tires are the best fit for my driving style? Not every tire is the right choice for every use case. When you need to buy new tires, make sure the wheels you purchase are designed to meet your needs.
  • Are my current tires ideal for my vehicle? No matter how effective your last set of tires was, you might still be able to find something better. This question will help you thoroughly explore your tire options.
  • How much mileage will these tires deliver? New tires often include a mileage warranty, making it easier to estimate their potential life span.

How do I know if I need new tires?

Even if you’re a responsible driver, you might think there’s nothing wrong with getting as much life from your existing tires as possible, but this mindset can sometimes cause problems. Old tires are inherently less safe than new wheels, especially when their treads have worn out and they can’t provide the traction you depend on.

If you’re wondering whether or not your tires’ treads are still in good shape, simply perform the “penny test.” As its name implies, this test involves using a standard U.S. penny to check your tread depth. To perform the penny test, push a penny into your tire grooves with the head facing down — if you can still see the top of Lincoln’s head, it’s time to buy a new set of tires.

Even if your treads are sufficiently deep, your tires could still be dealing with other issues. Keep an eye out for red flags such as:

  • Uneven tire treads. Tire rotation is an excellent way to encourage even tread wear, but regularly rotating your tires can’t make this a guarantee. If you’ve been having trouble with your wheel alignment, tire pressure, or steering system, your tires may have developed uneven wear.
  • Bulging sidewalls. When your tires’ inner liners break after you hit a curb or pothole, your wheels could develop bulges in their sidewalls. Unfortunately, these bulges could easily pop, making it impossible to repair a tire that’s dealing with this issue.
  • Cracks in your tires. After a certain point in its service life, a tire’s rubber may begin to crack. This situation can be made worse by sunlight, heat, and other factors.
  • Trouble maintaining tire pressure. Under normal circumstances, tires should lose no more than 1 PSI per month. If your wheels are losing more pressure than that, it may be time to purchase new tires.

What are the best types of tires to buy?

For the most part, tires aren’t a “one-size-fits-all” product. Instead, you’ll need to consider a few different factors while shopping for new wheels, such as your car’s required tire diameter, how you drive, the weather where you live, and the surfaces you typically drive on.

Once you’ve taken these factors into account, you’ll be ready to find the best tires for your situation. Some popular tire varieties include:

  • All-season tires. All-season tires are an ideal choice for many drivers in Tulsa. Though they aren’t great for winter driving, these wheels excel on both wet and dry roads.
  • Snow tires. Tulsa’s winters aren’t typically that snowy, but you’ll want to plan ahead if you go somewhere else during this time of year. Since they’re built with cold-resistant rubber, snow tires are an excellent choice for drivers dealing with chilly, icy conditions.
  • High-performance tires. If you own a high-end vehicle like a sports car, you’ll want tires that can keep up. High-performance tires function like racing tires because of their relatively wide bodies and short sidewalls.
  • All-terrain tires. If you enjoy off-road driving but still want to be able to drive on paved roads, all-terrain tires may be right for you. These tires have deep treads that can help them deal with mud — but since these treads aren’t quite as deep as those found in mud tires, they can still perform well on “normal” roads.

Where can I get the best deal on tires?

If you’ve ever had to buy a new set of tires, you know that these components help keep you safe on the road. But since tires can also be expensive, your first instinct may be to buy the cheapest set of wheels you can find. That’s certainly understandable, but it also isn’t a great idea — when it comes to tires, you’ll get what you pay for.

The good news is that you can save money on new wheels by visiting a trustworthy Tulsa tire shop like Tate Boys Tire & Service. When you stop by one of our convenient locations in the area, you’ll have no trouble finding high-quality tires at surprisingly affordable prices. Plus, you’ll be able to save even more on the wheels you need with our coupon selection and financing options!

What do I need to know about replacing tires?

Before you visit a tire shop in Tulsa to buy a new set of wheels, you’ll want to know for a fact that your current tires need to be replaced. In many cases, even damaged tires can get a new lease on life with the help of tire repair. If your tires are punctured, you may be able to get them repaired if the damaged area is less than a quarter-inch in diameter (and isn’t oddly shaped or abnormally long).

On the other hand, not every damaged tire can be fixed — and in that situation, you’ll have no choice but to purchase replacement wheels. Even if your tires haven’t sustained obvious damage, you may need to invest in new wheels if you’ve been using your existing tires for a long time. The average new tire’s life span is roughly three to five years; when your tires are approaching this milestone, it might be time to get them replaced.

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