Alternator & Starter Repair in Tulsa, OK

For Expert Alternator Repair and Replacement Look No Further Than the Certified Pros at Tate Boys

The alternator and starter systems in your vehicle are vital components to making the vehicle start and run like it should. These systems require careful maintenance and service to run their best and will eventually require replacement. You can trust the ASE-certified professionals at Tate Boys to do the job right with the best parts and products available. 

Professional Alternator & Starter Services 

Whether it’s replacing the entire alternator assembly or simply checking the battery cables, our team of professionals can quickly service and repair alternators on a wide array of vehicles. Our team has both the experience and equipment to perform your alternator service to the highest industry standards. 

Below are some of several alternator and starter services we provide at Tate Boys:

  • Complete alternator and starter diagnostic checks
  • Visual inspections of alternator and starter systems
  • Alternator repair and replacement
  • Starter repair and replacement
  • Car ignition services
  • Electrical system checks

No matter what issue you may be facing with your alternator or starter assemblies, we can quickly diagnose the issue and work to get your vehicle back online in no time. If you’re experiencing any kinds of electrical issues, it’s best to let a professional at your nearest Tate Boys examine the root cause.

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Why You Might Need an Alternator or Starter Replacement

While there’s no set schedule for alternator or starter replacement, over time the parts can wear out. When your alternator begins to fail, there are some signs that can help you notice there’s a problem. Signs of a bad alternator should never be ignored as without this system, the car will not function properly and you could be left stranded. 

Signs your alternator may need to be replaced include:

  • Headlights that appear dim
  • Engine struggling to start or not starting at all
  • An otherwise healthy battery that’s not holding a charge
  • Hearing repetitive clicking, rumbling or grinding noises 
  • Smelling like burning plastic or rubber
  • Seeing warning indicators on your dashboard such as the check engine or battery light 

If your battery just doesn’t seem to be holding a charge and you have to keep jumping it, the alternator may also be to blame. Our expert technicians will look over the entire alternator and starter systems to pinpoint the exact issue and outline all your options before ever proceeding with an alternator repair.

Testing Your Car Starter

Remember that your car starter is the component responsible for beginning the combustion necessary inside your engine to run. The moment you turn your key, the car battery shoots off a specific voltage level straight to the starter. Gears are activated inside the starter motor and the connected crankshaft turns the engine over. 

When something isn’t right, you might hear the dreaded, “click, click, click” and your engine will do nothing. This is usually caused by the starter relay not getting enough voltage. Whenever our ASE-certified pros start an evaluation of a vehicle’s starter system, we always begin by hooking up a voltage meter to the battery. 

Getting A Great Deal on Starter and Alternator Repair

We’ll never make you jump through a bunch of hoops to get a great price on your next alternator service at Tate Boys. Simpy head over to our promotions page to see all the different coupons, specials, and rebates we have currently. 

These can change seasonally or based on what comes in from parts and product manufacturers, so be sure to check in often.

Is Driving With Alternator Problems Safe?

Your car’s alternator is a vital part of the electrical system in your vehicle which helps convert mechanical power into electrical power to keep your car battery happy and charged. When your alternator fails or starts failing, it will not be able to provide the same level of charge to the battery, which can deplete it. You can sometimes still run your vehicle when it is having alternator problems, but it certainly is not ideal. 

Without the alternator, the vehicle is turning to the battery for all of the electrical power needed to run the vehicle. When you run this risk, your vehicle can stall out and probably won’t have the necessary power to restart when the battery dies. You should always have both the battery and the alternator tested prior to replacing them to see where the true issues lie.

DIY Alternator Replacement

You may be wondering if you can replace the alternator on your own. While there are many videos of DIY alternator swaps online, it is never recommended to try and take on this task without the proper tools, knowledge, and experience to do the job correctly. Our ASE-certified technicians use sophisticated equipment to perform diagnostics of all the systems including the starter and alternator, as well as the battery. 

With knowledge of how all of these systems work together and testing each component thoroughly, we’re able to see exactly what’s causing an issue and can then chart the best path for completing the necessary repairs. Our aftermarket or OEM parts and products are all brand new and of highest quality. It can be tempting to use a refurbished or salvaged part, but these are risky because you never know how long their remaining lifespan is.  

Can You Finance an Alternator Replacement?

Did you know you can break up the cost of an alternator replacement into easy monthly payments? A quick application and fast approval process means you can gain quick access to a convenient and hassle-free way to pay for auto repairs. 

With a Tate Boys CFNA credit card, you can enjoy low monthly payments, no annual fee, and access to special promotional financing.

Giving Your Car Curbside Treatment with Free Concierge Pick-Up

At Tate Boys, we totally get that even though our waiting rooms are super nice, most people have more important things to do than wait around for an alternator repair. Depending on how complex the repair or replacement is, repairs made to your alternator could take anywhere from one to four hours to complete.

That’s why we offer courtesy transportation for our customers while we service their vehicle. Simply contact a member of the Tate Boys team and we’ll get that set up for your next visit with us.

Finding a Quality Alternator Repair Shop

Whenever you start looking for alternator repair shops in Tulsa, you’re going to be hit with a ton of different options. So how do you know what a quality shop looks like? Well, the very first element any auto shop worth its weight should have is ASE-certified professionals under the hood of your vehicle. ASE stands for automotive standards excellence and is one the highest and most-respected certifications a mechanic can achieve. 

Passing the ASE examination is no joke, the individual will have to demonstrate their subject matter mastery of a huge variety of auto repairs and services on a diverse range of different vehicle makes and models. When you see a master mechanic with an ASE certification, you can be sure they have the skills and ability to service your vehicle to the exact specifications set by the manufacturer.  

Have Your Car Alternator & Starter Work Completed Now 

With locations throughout Tulsa and the surrounding counties, there’s always a Tate Boys Tire & Service nearby to provide expert alternator replacement and repair. If your vehicle requires any sort of alternator or starter repair, bring the vehicle into your nearest Tate Boys and we’ll diagnose exactly what’s going on. 

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