Free 55 Point Car Inspection

Tate Boys technicians are well trained to help you keep your car in excellent condition. From preventive maintenance to full-service repair, our state-of-the-art equipment and resources help our experts properly maintain your car.

Your vehicle manufacturer suggests services to be performed at certain mileage intervals. Always consult your manual for information on vital car services and repairs.  If you have questions, please reach out to one of our friendly auto care experts.

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Our expert auto technicians perform all types of car services and repairs, including but not limited to:

Checking All Lights and Horn (1 – 6)

When we perform a car inspection on your vehicle, your safety and the correct function of your vehicle are top priorities for us. We will check and make sure that your horn, every headlight, taillight, brake light and turn signal is working properly. Making sure each of these is functioning properly will help keep you and your family safe when you drive and signal. 

Parking Brake (7)

Tate Boys certified mechanics will check out your parking brake to ensure it’s working properly and that you can trust the parking brake to do its job. Without it, your vehicle can roll away on an incline. 

Wiper Blades (8)

Wipers may seem simple but they play a critical safety function for helping clear rain or snow from your windshield. We’ll check to make sure your wiper blades are working properly so you can maintain good visibility while driving.

Fluid Check (9-13)

In every car inspection we do, we will make sure your fluids are sufficiently filled to meet the needs of your vehicle. The fluids in your vehicle help keep everything running smoothly, at the correct temperatures, and operating as they should. The maintenance of the fluid levels in your vehicle is essential to preventing major issues from occurring and can help save you money and inconvenience later on. These fluids may include engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid, or windshield washing fluid. 

Belts and Hoses (14-16)

Though they are often ignored, the belts and hoses of your vehicle are massively important to the running of your engine. These belts and hoses will help absorb some of the vibrations from your engine and keep everything running smoothly. As these components are made of rubber, they are subject to the wear that comes from use and the damage that can be done from heat and weather. 

With use and over time, the belts and hoses of your vehicle will wear down and need to be replaced. On every vehicle inspection we do, we will check your vehicle’s belts and hoses and let you know if it may be time to have them replaced. Keeping these belts and hoses in good condition can help save you the hassle and expense of having a breakdown due to one of them breaking or cracking. 

Car Battery Test (17)

There are few things that are more inconvenient than a dead battery at a bad time. Even though a working battery is an easy part of your vehicle to take for granted, it should be regularly tested. A simple car battery test can help prevent you from being stranded someplace with a dead battery. When we check the battery of your vehicle, we will make sure that your battery has a solid current, is holding a charge properly and the conductors are clean and free of build up. We’ll also be taking visual inspections of other adjacent systems like the alternator and starter.

These are very important steps in our 55-point car inspection and we will gladly let you know when it is time to replace your battery. 

Car Air Filters (18-19)

Keeping excellent air quality in your engine and the cabin of your vehicle is necessary for your vehicle to operate in a clean and healthy condition. There are a few different car air filters that we will check during every vehicle inspection. Both the engine and cabin air filters get dirty as they filter air from the outside and the soot that builds up from running the engine. These filters must be replaced at certain intervals specified in the owner’s manual for your vehicle.  

The air filter in the engine of your vehicle helps keep harmful dirt and debris from getting into the engine and causing damage or decreasing efficiency. This filter will collect these particles and keep them from getting to your engine. The filter in the engine of your vehicle should be replaced according to the owner’s manual for your vehicle. 

Tires (20-23)

One crucial portion of any vehicle inspection is to make sure the tires are properly rotated, repaired, and balanced. As the base of your vehicle, a good set of tires helps keep you safe while driving and can improve your fuel economy. With every car inspection that Tate Boys performs, we will check to make sure your tires are in good condition and are properly cared for. A few things we look for are the wear on the tread, the tire pressure is appropriate for your vehicle and tires, and if your tires need rotating and balancing. 

Inside every vehicle, the owner’s manual will tell you the exact tire pressure that is appropriate for your tires. We will perform a tire pressure check to ensure that your tires are inflated to their correct pressure according to what your vehicle requires. We will also check for any uneven wear or punctures on your tires to see if a repair or replacement is needed 

Undercarriage (24-27)

We always get up front and personal with every component in and around your vehicle and the undercarriage is no exception. We’ll get under your vehicle to ensure there’s no engine or transmission leaks. We’ll also take a look at different components like the CV joints for cracks or tears, as well as check for leaks in the front and rear differentials. 

Front Suspension (28-41)

Since we are working our way up from the tires and brakes, let’s talk about your vehicle’s suspension system. This system involves the ball joints, bearings, stabilizer links, tie rods, and control arms. While this system is designed to help your ride be smooth and to take the brunt of the impact from driving over bumps, it needs to be maintained constantly to prevent an expensive repair. 

When you bring your vehicle into any Tate Boys for a vehicle inspection, we will make sure there is nothing about to give way in the suspension system so that you can drive with peace of mind. If you notice that your ride is starting to get rough, your vehicle is pulling to one side, or abnormal bumps or bounces while driving, and so on, it is time to bring your vehicle in for a car inspection.

Brake Inspections (42-55)

Just as important as making sure your vehicle is running properly is maintaining proper brake operation. It goes without saying that your brakes are an essential function of driving your vehicle and must be inspected from time-to-time. When we perform a vehicle inspection, we will make sure your brakes are going to be there when you need them and are functioning just as they should. 

Your brakes are made up of several different components that all need to work together to ensure proper brake functionality. When we are doing a 55-point car inspection on your vehicle, we will check that your brake pads, rotors or drums, brake lines, and other components are all working as they should and are glad to repair or replace any components that require attention. 

We’ll Help Keep You On the Road

When you bring your vehicle into a Tate Boys for service or a vehicle inspection, you can be certain that our team of ASE-certified mechanics will do a thorough and professional job with your vehicle. Contact us today with any questions about our 55-point inspection or bring in your vehicle to your nearest Tate Boys and let us inspect, maintain, and service your vehicle to the highest industry standards.

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